I’m Baaaack!

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There’s a certain someone out there who likes to remind me how long it’s been since I’ve updated my blog.  Why have I fallen off?  Simply put, I’ve been distracted.

I don’t blame myself for this proclivity toward distraction.  I think it actually runs in my family.  When I’m with my parents, once in a while I’ll notice my dad returning from the grocery store with an interesting new product.  Later in the week I’ll be at that same grocery store for something (since it’s one of my favorite places to spend both time and money), and I’ll notice that very product!  It will be prominently displayed on one of the racks which astute store managers plop in the middle of your cart’s path.  While customers bottleneck around the obstruction, the distracted Maloy cannot help but think of how delicious that (whatever product they’re trying to push) would taste.  He might go as far as convincing himself that it was on the original list.  Yep, that same list that he left in the car, on the countertop, or somewhere in the produce section.  Dad, I’m not picking on you.  I only recognize these habits because I do them myself!  We Maloys are pretty easily led (or misled, depending on how you view it) toward these small distractions.

That being said, “distractions” are so often viewed in a negative light.  What if the more positive definition could be “an extreme openness to new experiences.”  Wouldn’t that be the same thing?  Perhaps this could be discussed in a future post.  For now, lets get back on-topic with “Exhibit A.”

Exhibit A: Genetics are a thing!  Here’s a 2008 picture of my brother John and me while traveling with the Boston College Swimming & Diving Team.  n1618262_33904528_6366

There is no “Exhibit B.”  If “Exhibit A” doesn’t have you convinced, nothing will.

And just so we’re clear…the logic is: I haven’t posted in a while because I’ve been distracted.  I’ve been distracted because, hmmm…why am I saying this?  Let’s get on with this update.

Since my last post, I’ve traveled to a bunch of races, socialized with family and friends, and begun preparations for my 2015 triathlon season.  I’ve also worked closely with John Jones and Cortney Martin at fortynine group to make the internet a little bit more awesome.  They did a good job with this webpage, didn’t they?

Just like races are representations of my fitness and mindset at a certain time—these posts are snapshots of my thoughts, feelings, and ambitions.  Of course these are not things that went away in between entries.  I merely expressed them through different mediums.  Technology makes it so easy to express oneself that it’s hard for even the most social media-savvy individual to keep everything straight.

VIRB Picture

I can be a pretty tough person to get in touch with.  Going back to the bit about the Maloys being distracted-types, I’d say there are at least 3 times/day when I look at my phone and then immediately forget the reason why I pulled the thing out of my pocket.  The snapchats, tweets, notifications, comments, emails, and instagrams can be overwhelming.  But wait, I said “phone.”  All those distractions don’t even point to the phone’s original purpose!

There’s beauty in simplicity.  This website is going to streamline my communication with you.  It’s still a work in progress, but then again, so am I.

Moving forward:

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2) There is no step 2.