TBT- Hardest Swim Workout I’ve Ever Done

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I’m two weeks into The Triathlon Squad’s annual altitude training camp in Flagstaff, Arizona. This is our third year coming to Flag, and it brings back memories of sessions–completed both here and in other areas–that have made me a little tougher, a little stronger, or a little more resilient.

Here’s a swim workout I did back in Fall, 2011 with Coach Richard Shoulberg. At the time I was in between triathlon coaches and redefining myself as a professional triathlete. I was doing that the only way I knew how–challenge and hard work.


I remembered this workout in particular because it challenged everyone in the pool to failure. This is not a workout that you “nail.” No one made every send-off. The difficulty forced each athlete to make a decision–do you keep going, or do you quit? Do you complain, or do you let go and allow the work to change you into a person who is a little tougher, a little more resilient, and a whole lot more tired.

Note: It was my privilege to train with Coach Shoulberg and his team (including Assistants Claire, Chris and Kerri) until I joined Paulo Sousa and The Triathlon Squad. Their group reminded me of the special kind of joy found from challenging oneself in a group setting. They helped me reconnect with the things I love about training and competing, and I’m forever grateful to them for the experience.