Thank YOU

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Thank you to all who donated last week.  Team Philly Pro Tri’s fundraiser for the Blazeman Foundation was not as successful as we had hoped in terms of dollars raised, but that does not mean it was a failure.  Everyday, the Blazeman Foundation works to find a cure for ALS by doing two things:  raising awareness and raising funds.  While you can still choose to financially support the Blazeman Foundation, I think it is time to remember the “raising awareness” part to this mission. 
ALS takes far too many lives too early, but so do countless other diseases.  Why support this cause when there are so many other good causes out there?  I chose to support this particular group because it was important to people who are important to me.  Everyone should make his/her decisions with this principle in mind.  Personal connection leads to passion, and accomplishing tasks with passion leads to results.  (That’s the way I see it, anyway.)
ALS, cancer, heart disease—whatever the cause, each one of us will die someday.  People are afraid to talk about dying, but unfortunately death is one of life’s only certainties.  This realization can either depressing or motivating.  The spirit of the Blazeman Foundation is to fight paralysis with mobility—inaction with action.  That is a fight each one of us can afford to wage.  Get out and fight death by living your life.  Think, feel, and act.     

On a random yet interesting aside—this is the same method of thinking behind Gandhi’s strategy of fighting violence with non-violence.  The idea is to fight the aggressor with exactly that which he/she attempts to take from you.  It is the action itself which ultimately matters.  
Below is a photo from the Spin-A-Thon last Saturday:

**Coming up tomorrow… an update on why I haven’t been posting much over the past couple weeks.  Are you interested?  I know you are!